• What Is Samaritan Ministries & How Does Medial Sharing Work?

    The biggest mindset shift I had to overcome as I looked into medical sharing plans (because there are a few, especially for Christian families), was that health sharing plans are not insurance. There are corollary concepts, but it's not the same.

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  • How to Support Someone After Miscarriage

    This is not easy to talk about. We’re entering into an ostensibly dark place, but it’s important that we go there. Miscarriage. It’s so much more common than I ever imagined, and yet it’s still treated like something that should be hidden and a topic avoided. The results are that those who’ve walked through this kind of loss feel alone, ashamed, and abandoned. And that’s not OK. I walked through this recently myself, and while this post isn’t about my experience per se, I want to offer some commentary. It’s important that we walk about this openly because, first and foremost, I didn’t do anything wrong. You, reading this, who have…

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  • Non-Toxic Gift Ideas Under $50

    Tis the season of gift giving, and I’m absolutely here for it. I love finding the perfect gift, big or small, and making someone’s day a little brighter. While I don’t think that gifting opportunities need to become soapbox moments, it’s still important to consider what you’re giving and to whom. Seeing movements like ethical shopping, sustainable shopping, local and/or small shopping, and more, have been awesome reminders that the thoughtfulness behind the gift is sometimes the biggest blessing.

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  • 3 Tips to Work From Home Well

    As an experienced telecommuter, I’ve definitely enjoyed my fair share of days spent working in pajama pants and attending virtual meetings sans bra. But day after day, there is an undeniable mental funk that sets in when you can’t remember the last time you spoke to another human in person (other than your barista), the last time you showered, or the last time you sat at an actual desk. (That Laptop in Bed Life is clutch on sick days, though.) In an age when reporting to an office is less of a given, I’d like to offer my top 3 tips to work from home well.

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  • Don’t Read Parenting Books While You’re Pregnant

    Here’s the conundrum: Before you have kids, you have all kinds of time to read parenting books (even if you don’t yet realize it). Once the baby arrives, you have exactly no time to read. I’m talking zero, can’t even read the instructions for the stupid breast pump. In full disclosure, I read all the parenting books while pregnant. And like a good rookie does, I committed about half of it to memory (you can’t tell, but I’m laughing at this statement), and figured the rest was so obvious that I’d just naturally do all the “Do’s” anyway (laughing again).

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  • My Clean Skincare Regimen

    It’s probably weird to admit, but I love getting glimpses into peoples’ everyday lives. I’ll always stop for a “What’s in my bag” post, or check out a “Day in the life” recap. And a peek behind the curtain to see the skincare regimen and what beauty products people are using is no exception. I realize that’s very voyeuristic of me, but it is what it is. In the spirit of reciprocity, I’m going to share with y’all today my current skincare regimen.

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  • My Surprising Experience as a Female in IT

    When it comes to working as a female in IT (or the technology/business space in general), the assumption is that you’re one of few and generally undervalued. While I know this is a pervasive problem that is only slowly improving, I have to share that my experience as a female in IT has been remarkably good. And I have some hunches why that may be true.

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  • It’s Ok to Miss Your Marriage Before Kids

    There are so many false dichotomies when it comes to parenting, especially for moms. You can be clean and together, or messy and real. You can nurture your kid with stimulating play, or keep the house clean and embrace Screen Time. You can hold on to these fleeting days and let them sleep in your bed, or you can protect your health and marriage and make the crib non-negotiable. I hope that these statements are understood as untrue. I could put quotation marks around the majority of that last paragraph because it’s chock full of false choices. There are so many options and variables within any one of those aspects…

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  • I’m a Beautycounter Consultant (And Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Unfriend Me)

    There’s an unfortunate knee-jerk reaction that a lot of people experience when they find out that you’re in any kind of Direct Marketing role. You may be unfollowed, disliked (in the social media sense…and otherwise), and friends may start to brace for the out-of-left-field e-mail, subject line: I Want to Talk to You About a Great Opportunity. And I get it. I’ve been there too, Friend. Let me quickly be transparent for those not already in the loop: I’m a Beautycounter Consultant. In passing that may sound like, “I sell Beautycounter,” but that wouldn’t be entirely true. (I consider myself a humble educator first and foremost.) So I ask you…

  • When You See a Small Business Nailing It, Tell Them!

    Customer reviews for a business is a form of currency more valuable than gold. There’s nothing more powerful than word of mouth. Unfortunately, that power pertains to both good and bad feedback about a company or small business. These days it seems reviews and feedback trend toward the negative. Researching even the most promising shops and restaurants by perusing online reviews will have you convinced that there are no decent options within a twenty-mile radius. People will complain about everything. In a time when customer service is overlooked as a commodity (versus a critical skill to improve), is considered a by-product of simply existing behind the counter, let’s call it…

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